cartoon_meImagine being a filmmaker that refuses the desperate “pick me, pick me” system of Hollywood, or is tired of waiting for that golden ticket to Hollywood success. If that sounds like you, you are part of the 99% to 98.5% of filmmakers that feels this way, including myself, T. HuFF


Now, unfortunately, a reality exists that prevents most movies from being seen:  The Hollywood System.

The system is designed to help those who are plugged in, not those who are creative folks with great stories and ideas, but don’t have the backing of Hollywood elites.

As a filmmaker, I learned firsthand the travails of the Hollywood System.

Yet I still believe in getting our art, our work, our stories their deserved exposure. The goal of Hollywood Hate Me is to take you on different filmmakers’ journeys as we can create an alternative to the Hollywood system that doesn’t respect us!

At Hollywood Hate Me, we are trying to have Hollywood will hate us for killing their cartel!